We're back! And better than ever (or at least faster)...

by: Heather on 01/31/2008
Posted in: Awards

A brief blogging break turned into a week's hiatus while New Society's website was migrated to a zippy new server - now our page loads (which were previously happening at the speed of erosion) are as fast as the blink of an eye! We hope this will make the site more user-friendly for everyone - I know it's already making a huge difference in my life.

Anyways, now that we're back, congratulations are in order to Jay Walljasper and the folks at Project for Public Spaces. The Great Neighborhood Book was just named one of Planetizen's ten best books of the year in the planning field. Planetizen is widely considered to be one of the web's best websites on urban planning and development issues and an essential resource for planning professionals. Planetizen praises Walljasper for "showing that placemaking really can be a power of the people".

Check out The Great Neighborhood Book for some fantastic ideas on transforming and reviving your community. Have a great community already? Or not? Tell us about it in the comments below!

The Great Neighborhood Book


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