A Vaccine for Pandemic Panic

by: Heather on 11/17/2009
Posted in: Events

This week marks the beginning of the swine flue vaccine availability for the general public in our neck of the woods. Maybe you're planning on rolling up your sleeve and getting in line for the jab in the hopes of protecting yourself and loved ones from illness. Or maybe you'll be sitting this one out because either you're concerned about taking part in the largest experimental inoculation campaign in recorded history, or perhaps you're somewhat cynical about the extent to which this campaign is lining the deep pockets of the pharmaceutical industry.

Regardless of your position, we should all remember tolerance. To vaccinate or not to vaccinate is a deeply personal choice. In this climate of media hysteria over public health, it's far too easy to castigate and denounce those whose choice differs from our own. When we do so we contribute to the problem, not the solution.

What we really need is a vaccine to protect us from the media tendency to sensationalize and exacerbate public panic by playing on deeply held personal fears. Fortunately, we have such a thing. It's called common sense, and we all ought to take a healthy dose.


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