Canada's Navigable Waters Protection Act Under Threat

by: EJ on 01/26/2009
Posted in: Activism

Recent steps by the Conservative government are placing Canada's Environmental Assessment Act and the Navigable Waters Protection Act in jeopardy. In a recent press release, the Green Party of Canada stated:

The Navigable Waters Protection Act is a significant piece of conservation legislation. Anglers and boaters have relied on it, as have environmental groups, to protect environmental standards. The Green Party of Canada is of the opinion that Harper must not be allowed to trample environmental legislation using the recession as an excuse.

Economic development at the expense of environmental protection is no longer an acceptable response from government. The way of the future lies in the development of green jobs generated by stronger environmental legislation. Downgrading our environmental legislation in favour of a short-term economic stimulus package is not the way to forge the new green economy we so desperately need. The Navigable Waters Protection Act is already woefully inadequate for protecting our priceless fresh water resources. Peak water will soon follow peak oil - Canada needs to act now by strengthening preservation legislation, not weakening it.

To learn more about the environment and protecting our navigable waters, see Boat Green: 50 Steps Boaters Can Take to Save Our Waters by Clyde W. Ford.

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