College Without High School Reviewed in Macleans Magazine

by: EJ on 11/02/2009
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Blake Boles, author of College Without High School: A Teenager's Guide to Skipping High School and Going to College , spoke recently at the Harbourfront Library in Nanaimo, B.C. The event was a great success. As I sat at the back of the room, I could see parents and students grinning and nodding in acknowledgment. It seems that several of the students were already on this path and loved to hear the stories of others who had successfully homeschooled their way to university.

A review of College Without High School was recently featured in Macleans Magazine and created a storm of interesting comments. You can see the entire article and comments here but some of my favorite comments are:

From Joy: The only thing I would challenge Boles on is when he states "Unschoolers aren't Einstein-like geniuses". Pretty sure Einstein would have unschooled today and/or been drugged.

THWim writes: I've found that what they're (unschoolers) good at they're very good at, but you can't ever assume that you have a common base level of knowledge.

From TedTylerEzro: There is nothing like being psychologically tortured in a social-darwinian hell for years on end to improve socialization skills.

Em says: One of the benefits of high school is that it is a low risk environment in which you can be exposed to a variety of different subjects.

Mellisa says: Everything about life, common sense, hard work, human relationships, etc. that I've learned I learned in the year and half I dropped out in Grade 8-9.

The most interesting thing revealed to me by the comments is how well Blake Boles understands his subject. College Without High School addresses every objection or obstacle raised and explains how to allay the various fears college admission officers may have about a homeschooler's educational experience.

If you are contemplating an alternative to regular high school, this book will help you understand both the advantages and disadvantages and will provide a framework to help you you create the best education for you.

College Without High School


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