Copenhagen Accord

by: Heather on 12/18/2009
Posted in: Climate Change

The Washington Post has acquired a copy of the signed Copenhagen Accord. When you click the link, the first page is blank (oh the rich irony) so you have to scroll down quite a bit before you see anything. It's a bit early for detailed analysis - we will bring you more of that as it becomes available.

The Wall Street Journal and other mainstream press are trumpeting the deal as a "meaningful agreement" and an important first step.

Other commentators are not so kind. George Monbiot accuses the governments (which moved so swiftly to save the banks) of bickering and filibustering while the biosphere burns. He is unstinting in his criticism of what he calls "the chaotic, disastrous denouement of a chaotic and disastrous summit".

The truth of the matter, I hope, will be somewhere in the middle. I cling to a position of cautious optimism, because without hope, what do we have?

And whatever else happens, one significant success of Copenhagen has been to focus the eyes of the world on the fact that the issue of climate change is one of survival, and the most significant issue facing our world. The movement to stop climate change is now the strongest it has ever been, and it gains momentum daily. Groups like It's Getting Hot in Here, Powershift and are speaking for millions of us. Add your voice!


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