Evolving for the Sake of Gaia

by: EJ on 07/16/2009
Posted in: Climate Change

James Lovelock, originator of the Gaia theory (the idea that the Earth is a living and self-regulating organism), was interviewed by Anna Maria Tremonti on May 27th on the CBC Radio 1 program The Current. In his new book, The Vanishing Face of Gaia: A Final Warning, Dr. Lovelock argues that we must very quickly learn to adapt to the impending impacts of climate change. His interview on The Current summarizes his main concerns captured in the new book. Download interview.

Lovelock explains that the effects of global warming are far too difficult to model precisely and feels the present global warming models have grossly underestimated the coming temperature increases. His predictions for the next century are "truly scary". He explains that the earth has entered a positive feedback loop that accentuates global warming. This is not a reversible process. He predicts that the food growing regions will become deserts within 20-30 years. The more northern and southern countries such as Canada, UK, Russia, and New Zealand will become "survival havens" for refugees from the rest of the planet. Never mind climate change mitigation, he says, start creating a civilized retreat for refugees from the rest of the globe. "Saving the earth is pure hubris, what we need to do is save ourselves."

John Michael Greer, author of The Long Descent and The Ecotechnic Future (October 2009 release) grapples with these issues and tries to determine how best to approach such an uncertain future.

The Long Descent       The Ecotechnic Future


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