Green Careers

by: Heather on 04/24/2009
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Just off press, Green Careers: Choosing Work for a Sustainable Future by Jim Cassio and Alice Rush is an exhaustive guide to establishing a career that benefits the planet while still providing satisfaction and security (and ideally a comfortable income)! Green Careers offers an incredible array of environmentally supportive job choices, whatever your aptitudes, values, interests, personality and skills.

From the authors' introduction:

We wanted a new book that would meet the needs of a wide variety of individuals interested in preserving and protecting the environment through their careers. We wanted to help people with an interest in construction work learn how they can specialize in green building as a niche career area. We wanted to help people who have an interest or aptitude for business or sales learn about alternative energy and entrepreneurial careers. We wanted to help people who are strong with communication skills learn about green public relations, marketing and journalism. We wanted to help people who love to travel and explore other cultures learn about careers in ecotourism. We wanted to help teens and young adults explore tomorrow's green career choices.

We hope as you read this book that you will be inspired to pursue your green career dreams with confidence and direction. We want you to find a career you feel passionate about and to prosper doing what you love. Enjoy this next chapter of your life. You will make a difference!

Some of the career categories explored include Engineering, Environmental Health and Safety, Government Regulations and Planning, Green Building and Landscaping, Green Business and Enterprise, Green Education, Communication and Law, Natural and Land Resource Management, Natural Sciences, Physical Geography, Sustainable Agriculture, and Renewable Energy. Phew! The book includes nearly 300 pages of career profiles including qualifications, salary surveys, job outlooks, resources and more.

If you or anyone you know is graduating and starting a career or thinking of changing to a new one, Green Careers is a must-read. Check it out!

Green Careers


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