Parenting for a Peaceful World

by: Heather on 03/31/2009
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I probably shouldn't say this, but parenting books do not usually excite me. I can usually see the value in their strategies, but all too often they come off as preachy and over-bearing, or they make me feel inadequate and guilty. Secretly I am convinced that the compromises I made when my kids were young and I was an overworked and overstressed single mom have irrevocably damaged their delicate psyches, and that no matter how much love and compassion I pour into raising them, I will still fail to achieve the parenting ideal that will allow them to grow into healthy, well-adjusted adults.

Given my bias, I wasn't expecting to be bowled over when I first saw Robin Grille's Parenting for a Peaceful World, but that's exactly what happened. That's because his book is far more than just a parenting manual - it's a fascinating overview of parenting customs through the ages and how they have shaped societies and major events. Robin explores up-to-date research into child development and new understandings about the causes of childhood disorders, and then moves on to identify the five stages of core emotional development and how to promote your children's emotional intelligence. The message of the book is that changes in the way we address children's emotional development can be a powerful method for achieving a just, democratic, peaceful and sustainable world. To this end, the book is not just about parenting strategies, but also about parent-supportive and pro-child social policies. This is not just a book for parents, teachers and health professionals; it is also a manual for social change activists and policy makers.

As an introduction to Parenting for a Peaceful World, check out this trailer:

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Parenting for a Peaceful World


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