What do Indiana Jones and HRH Prince Charles Have in Common?

by: EJ on 04/08/2009
Posted in: Climate Change

Protecting rainforests. Harrison Ford and His Royal Highness Prince Charles are just a couple of the famous voices uniting in the fight to save tropical rainforests and prevent global warming.

In this video, His Royal Highness Prince Charles explains that rainforests are the home of 1.4 of the world's poorest people, forests clean the earth's atmosphere, they store fresh water and, most importantly, they store carbon on a giant scale. As forests are cut down and burned, the carbon is released into the atmosphere - at amounts second only to electricity generation (hmmm). As HRH Prince Charles says, "The point is that all of us, the whole world, are in this together." See how he plans to change economic structures to assign true value to forests for their protection on his website Prince's Rainforests Project.

Harrison Ford is Vice Chair for Conservation International, a group whose mission is to maintain the Earth's natural heritage so that future generations can thrive spiritually, culturally, and economically. We saw this video on our flight home from Denver on United Airlines, one of Conservation International's corporate partners.

And, as a fitting finale, here is Sarah Brightman singing what has become known as The Hymn to the Rainforest. Coffee, hamburger or hand soap anyone?

Read more about how we can all contribute to the revolution in the way we interact with our wild forests and their cultures in Wild Foresting: Practicing Nature's Wisdom by Alan Drengson and Duncan Taylor

Wild Foresting


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