Private Power Protest in BC

by: Heather on 03/26/2009
Posted in: Activism

10,000 Voices for BC Rivers is calling for a moratorium on new power generation projects in BC until they meet all four of the following criteria:

  • regionally planned
  • environmentally appropriate
  • acceptable to First Nations
  • publicly owned

Their goal is to persuade a minimum of 10,000 British Columbians to speak out for green power and BC rivers on March 26th. From their website:

In 2002 the BC government banned BC Hydro from developing new sources of green power, decreeing that all new hydropower must come from private companies. This has lead to a gold rush mentality, with private operators staking almost 600 creeks and rivers throughout BC for the purposes of hydropower production. Each one of these projects involves building river diversions, dams, powerhouses and many kilometers of roads and transmission lines.

Power production can be done the right way. Unfortunately, that's not happening in BC. There is little environmental oversight and no regional planning. Local governments have lost their say on these projects.

The Wilderness Committee, Canada's largest grassroots conservation organization, is calling for a moratorium on these projects. We like our rivers wild and our power public. We hope you do too. Join with us and thousands of like-minded citizens from across the province on Thursday, March 26.

For more information, check out Part One and Part Two of PowerPlay:The Theft of BC's Rivers. This 20 minute documentary by Damien Gillis illustrates how the provincial government is giving away control of B.C,'s rivers and streams to private industry who will use the rivers for "run of the river" hydro electric power generation with the loss to the public of water rights, fish habitat, and recreational opportunities and the accompanying occurrence in the future of greatly increased electrical power costs.




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