Protesters' Guide - Olympic Edition

by: Heather on 11/30/2009
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Vancouver lawyer Leo McGrady has released an updated Protesters' Guide to the Law of Civil Disobedience in B.C.: Olympic Edition. This guide should be required reading for anyone considering exercising their right to protest against the upcoming Olympic games. In clear, straightforward language, McGrady deals with issues such as what to bring to a demonstration, how to deal with pepper spray, tear gas, and other potentially harmful crowd dispersion tactics, detention, arrest, searches, potential charges and much more.

The BC Civil Liberties Association is running a 2010 Legal Observer Program aimed at protecting free speech and citizens' rights through the use of trained volunteers who will be focused on police, military and private security conduct to ensure accountability. You can download the Legal Observer Training Manual here.

To learn about the hidden history of the Olympic games, and how host cities, far from benefiting from the experience, actually incur huge capital costs and a legacy of debt while the profits end up in the pockets of realtors and developers, check out Five Ring Circus by Chris Shaw.

Will you be protesting the upcoming Olympics? Interested in being a Legal Observer? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Five Ring Circus


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