Tweeting Plants

by: EJ on 09/04/2009
Posted in: Gardening

Finally, a truly useful tweet! I use Twitter as part of my marketing responsibilities but I must say, I have been slow to warm to this use of technology. A discovery today has re-inspired me.

Sadly, the plants in our office often have to resort to dropping leaves onto our keyboards in order to attract attention to the increasingly desert-like conditions in their pots. But help is at hand, and from Twitter, no less.

Today I met Pothos on Twitter. Pothos is a plant in New York City. Thanks to Botanicalls, the very clever technology developed by NYU's Interactive Telecommunications Program, Pothas plant can send messages via Twitter requesting to be watered, or advising of over watering. I guess it would be beneficial for a human in the same vicinity of the plant to follow it, but once that is accomplished, the plant can communicate it's need for a cold one as needed.

In this humorous presentation on the Ignite Show, Katie London explains some even more broad-reaching applications for this technology.


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