US Chamber of Commerce Demands Hearing on Climate Change Evidence

by: EJ on 08/31/2009
Posted in: Climate Change

The US Chamber of Commerce is calling for the Environmental Protection Agency to hold a public hearing to determine whether climate change represents a threat to human health. They are disputing the science behind the EPA's declaration in April of this year that "greenhouse gases are responsible for climate change and endanger public health and welfare within the meaning of the Clean Air Act". The move is part of a wider campaign from the Chamber against the Clean Air Act and the US Climate Change Act.

The US Chamber of Commerce states their climate change strategy as follows:


* Defeat proposed measures that are economically disruptive of business and industry activities.
* Resist ill-conceived legislation that creates regulatory and legislative obstacles to development and deployment of affordable, innovative energy technologies.
* Encourage measures that foster long-term technological innovation aimed at addressing energy, security, and climate change challenges as well as long-range sustainability objectives.
* Resist ill-conceived climate change policies and measures that could severely damage the security and economy of the United States.

In addition, in 2007, they produced this particularly enlightened YouTube video to support their lobbying.

The Sierra Club calls the recent actions by the US Chamber of Commerce a "ridiculous and dangerous stunt". They have launched a petition to be delivered to companies that are members of the US Chamber of Commerce asking them to "demand that the Chamber drop this desperate tactic to protect polluting energy companies; publicly recognize that climate change is real; and acknowledge that action needs to be taken." You can sign their petition here.


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