World Food Day and Independence Days

by: Heather on 10/16/2009
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Today is World Food Day, as declared by the United Nations. This year's focus is Achieving Food Security in Times of Crisis.

From the UN website:

At a time when the global economic crisis dominates the news, the world needs to be reminded that not everyone works in offices and factories. The crisis is stalking the small-scale farms and rural areas of the world, where 70 percent of the world's hungry live and work.

With an estimated increase of 105 million hungry people in 2009, there are now 1.02 billion malnourished people in the world, meaning that almost one sixth of all humanity is suffering from hunger.




On the occasion of World Food Week and World Food Day 2009, let us reflect on those numbers and the human suffering behind them. Crisis or no crisis, we have the know-how to do something about hunger. We also have the ability to find money to solve problems when we consider them important. Let us work together to make sure hunger is recognized as a critical problem, and solve it.

Sharon Astyk, author of Independence Days: A Guide to Sustainable Food Storage and Preservation just posted an excellent quiz entitled How Food Secure Are You? - an opportunity for you to evaluate your food security and your basic preparedness for an emergency in the areas of Water, Food Storage, Evacuation Plans, Health, Family and Community.

Did your score on the quiz leave something to be desired? (I know mine did.) Check out Independence Days for a comprehensive guide to becoming increasingly self-reliant and food secure in uncertain times.

Independence Days


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