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by: EJ on 08/25/2010
Posted in: Sustainable Living

Chip Haynes is helping to spread the news about "Stuff that Matters" on Important Media. He is a guest contributor to the green tips list featured on the blog, Planet Save. What does he suggest for green tip number five? "How's about a bicycle?", of course.

Giant Bicycles used to offer a bicycle called the Iguana. It came in green, and I always wanted one so when people asked me what I rode, I could look them in the eye and say... "I ride a Giant green Iguana."

You don't have to be quite that far out to go green with your bicycle- whatever you ride. Any bike you've got will do. You just have to do a little planning, and maybe you can leave the car at home from time to time. Wouldn't that be nice?

You can read the entire post on Planet Save.

Chip also recently sent me his favourite bicycling video from Halcyon Bike shop's website, "a great local bike shop". I just had to pass it along. How do they get their hair to look like that?


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