Earth Day Tomorrow!

by: EJ on 04/21/2010
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April 22nd, the 40th Anniversary of Earth Day, is being celebrated by environmental organizations around the world. After perusing the many e-mail notices and calls to action that have been flowing in, I have decided to blog just my favourite - the Climate Action Network Canada, At the Table Dinners.

The Climate Action Network Canada is working hard to ensure that action on climate change is part of the G8 and G20 meetings in Canada in June. The world's most powerful leaders will gather around two summit tables, the G8 Table in Huntsville and the G20 table in Toronto. The decisions they make will affect the future of life on our planet.

The G8 and G20 have promised three key actions on climate change:

1. Stopping subsidies to big oil companies
2. Money to support developing countries as they cope with climate change
3. Keeping global warming as far below 2 degrees celcius as possible

In order to hold these leaders to their commitments, Climate Action Network Canada is inviting you to invite your friends and your local politician to dinner.

The concept of At the Table Dinners is simple: people getting together to eat and discuss climate change. Some dinners will be small, with just a couple of good friends getting together to break bread and talk about climate change. Other dinners will be large events organized by partner ENGOs with guest speakers and Members of Parliament being invited.

What all At the Table Dinners will have in common is people who are concerned about climate change and Canada's role are getting together to send a clear message to world leaders: We care about climate change, and we're taking our place at the table.

But what if your leader chooses not to attend your dinner? You can bring along a Flat Leader! Inspired by the children's book, Flat Stanley, the Climate Action Network Canada has produced a series of Flat Leaders from Harper to Haytoma that you can print out complete with speech bubbles to place at your dinner table. Add the words you want to hear your leader say and post a photo to the Flat Leader Gallery on Flickr by emailing them to

In addition, there are great party supplies available on the At the Table website: activity placemats, posters, postcards and an event planner.

We may not be able to join the G8 and G20 leaders in Ontario, but we can let them know that when we sit at our own tables in our own communities we are speaking for the world.


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