John Robbins on Huffington Post

by: EJ on 10/08/2010
Posted in: Health

This afternoon I was working with Joseph Keon on his upcoming book, Whitewash:The Disturbing Truth about Cow's Milk and Your Health. We were discussing the foreword which has been written by John Robbins, author of Diet for a New America. He asked if I had seen John's post on his Huffington Post blog this morning, entitled, "How Bad is McDonald's Food". In his post, he linked to a Youtube video of an ad created by Washington, DC-based group Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine.

As a young parent, I learned two things - one is that yellow is a baby's first favorite color and the second is that when you place a baby in a car seat, their gaze is directed upwards out of the back window. Upon discovering these two things, I promptly made it a rule to cover my baby's eyes whenever we were passing a large McDonald restaurant "M". Overprotective? Probably. But given that children at the age of two can easily identify corporate logos, this was one I did not want embedded in my child's psyche too early. So I especially appreciate the artistic use of the "M" in this ad!


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