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by: Heather on 09/16/2010
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In Gardening When It Counts Steve Solomon describes traditional low-input gardening methods which can be used to establish a highly productive, drought-resistant food garden with minimal cash outlay. Subtitled Growing Food in Hard Times, Steve's book has become one of our perennial bestsellers, perhaps because it strikes a chord with readers eager to increase their self-sufficiency.

Steve was kind enough to share this recent correspondence he received from a retired school teacher in Indiana. It's an amazing testimonial:

Hi Steve,

My name is David Welch and I live in Valparaiso, Indiana. I've been meaning to drop you a line about what the book you wrote, Gardening When It Counts, means to me. I have read the book over and over during the past couple of years. I have followed your ideas in the book very closely and wanted to tell you how pleased I am with the resulting garden. I dug up my entire back yard (about 1200 square feet) with a spade as you recommended. It took me six weeks doing a little at a time. I then had 15 yards of black dirt trucked in to build into beds per your book. I have ordered large quantities of blood, bone and cottonseed meal and have mixed and applied your COF for two seasons now. My garden is an absolute MIRACLE. People that visit cannot get over how healthy and productive it is. A friend calls it the "Vietnam jungle". I just came in a few minutes ago from picking a huge basket of green beans and tomatoes and squash.

I am astounded at your methods. and i look forward to next year when hopefully the garden becomes even more productive. My local newspaper did an article about my green methods (I also drive a hyrbid and an electric bike and have a well-insulated, wood-heated home). They also mentioned my garden which I credited to your book. If you care to read the article the link is here.

Anyway, thanks again for your wonderful book; you have really helped me become somewhat independent and off the grid. Best of luck in all of your ventures.

David Welch

David also shared this picture of his wonderfully productive backyard.


Learn more about how to dramatically increase the yield of your garden using Steve Solomon's tried and tested methods in Gardening When It Counts.

Have any gardening success stories of your own to share? Please tell us about them in the comments below.

Gardening When It Counts


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