New Visual Essay from Franke James - What Can One Person Do?

by: Heather on 10/07/2010
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Franke James, author of Bothered by My Green Conscience has written a new visual essay which is featured on What Can One Person Do, When 6.8 Billion Are Frying The Planet? is also being presented as a live event for 10/10/10 in Franke's hometown of Toronto, Ontario.


In her essay, Franke ponders the challenges of adapting the city to be able to withstand the storms, floods, droughts and extreme weather of the future, and comes to the conclusion that while global leaders loaf, local leaders and individuals all need to come up with their own plans for mitigation and adaptation. She urges everyone to get involved (and we second that motion) in the 10/10/10 Global Work Party for climate action. Find your local event here!

For more Franke, check out Bothered by My Green Conscience: How an SUV-driving, imported-strawberry-eating urban dweller can go green!

Bothered by My Green Conscience


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