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by: EJ on 08/23/2010
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Richard Heinberg's Peak Everything: Waking Up to a Century of Declines will be available in paperback September 3rd. As with many New Society books, the original hard cover version of Peak Everything was published at a critical time and introduced a startling new concept to our readers. With the release of Peak Everything in paperback, we are bringing this concept to an even wider audience.

Richard Heinberg writes:

In titling this book "Peak Everything," I was suggesting that humanity has achieved an unsustainable pinnacle of population size and consumption rates, and that the road ahead will be mostly downhill--at least for the next few decades, until our species has learned to live within Earth's resource limits. I argued that the industrial expansion of the past century or two was mainly due to our accelerating use of the concentrated energies of cheap fossil fuels; and that as oil, coal, and natural gas cease to be cheap and abundant, economic growth will phase into contraction. I further pointed out that world oil production was at, or very nearly at its peak, and that the imminent decline in extraction rates will be decisive, because global transport is nearly all oil-dependent, and there is currently no adequate substitute for petroleum. Finally, I noted that the shift from growth to contraction will impact every aspect of human existence--financial systems, food systems, global trade--at both the macro and micro levels, threatening even our personal psychological coping mechanisms.

Nothing has happened in the past three years to change that outlook--but much has transpired to confirm it.

Read More... at the Post Carbon Institute.

Peak Everything


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