Summer Blog Vacation

by: Heather on 07/06/2010
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Our blog and Facebook postings have been a bit thin as of late (ok actually they've been as skinny as a Calvin Klein underwear model), and now they're about to grind to a temporary halt. The annual July one-two knockout punch of real-world publishing deadlines and commitments and impending (sorely needed) vacation time is upon us yet again.

Until we get back, here's a couple of things that I've been really wanting to write about but haven't had the chance to:

  1. Keeping Deepwater Horizon on our horizon - It's been two and a half MONTHS since the spill started, and despite the fact that many thousands of barrels a day are still pouring into the Gulf, it seems like the disaster is beginning to fade from the collective consciousness. Just like Haiti. Just like the tarsands. Just like any massive event once it's reached media saturation. But we have to keep this one front and centre. We can't afford not to. The only question is how.
  2. The G8/G20 protests - I feel particularly badly for not having blogged this, given that the summits were in Canada, but if you were following the action at all, then I really, really suggest that you check out Starhawk's Webs of Power - many consider it to be the defining book of the anti-globalization movement - well worth your time.
  3. Also for some positive ideas, check out the Buckminster Fuller Challenge - so, so cool!
  4. Oh, and this - up-cycling anyone?

See you all in a couple of weeks!

Webs of Power


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