The Get Out Migration is Underway

by: EJ on 04/23/2010
Posted in: Activism

The Get Out Migration, a people's movement to protect the fish that built BC - wild salmon, started yesterday in the fishing village of Sointula, B.C.

After 20 years of expressing concern to governments that won't listen and that have shielded Norwegian salmon farms from the laws of Canada, the public of British Columbia is taking to the streets to get industrial salmon farming out of the ocean and away from their wild salmon.

Get Out for Wild Salmon was released yesterday. The video shows biologist Alexandra Morton leaving the Meetup River with the young wild salmon and a send off by the Broughton First Nation village Gwa'yasdams Village. "When International companies come in here and lay waste to our territory we have a problem with that," said elected chief Bob Chamberlin.

This video is excellent and really shows what the young wild salmon have to content with. Interestingly, after posting this on Twitter yesterday, I have a new follower, Mainstream Canada, the second largest producer of farmed salmon in British Columbia. Mainstream's parent company is the Norwegian firm Cermaq, who owns fish farms in Canada, Norway, Chile and Scotland. Alexandra's words in the video ring true to me, "Corporations are so slick, they have big ad budgets, they know what to say. The public, they feel like they are so weak and ineffectual, but really, the public is the most powerful one."

"If we want wild salmon, British Columbians need to send government a very clear message this nonsense is over, get salmon farms out of the ocean and let Canadians reinvent this industry on land. These salmon are a gift we will not be given again," says Morton.

If you wish to join the migration, you can see the itinerary here. Can't make it to Vancouver Island? You can still sign the petition.


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