The Onion Reports on Latest Environmental Catastrophe

by: Heather on 08/18/2010
Posted in: Peak Oil

Bearing out their claim to fame as "America's Finest News Source", The Onion recently reported on the latest US environmental catastrophe. It's hard to believe that the mainstream news players like Fox and CNN failed to pick this one up. According to the article, the supertanker TI Oceania docked in Louisiana last week, unloading 3.1 million barrels of dangerous crude oil into the unsuspecting country.

Experts are saying the oil tanker safely reaching port could lead to dire ecological consequences on multiple levels, including rising temperatures, disappearing shorelines, the eradication of countless species, extreme weather events, complete economic collapse, droughts that surpass the Dust Bowl, disease, wildfires, widespread human starvation, and endless, bloody wars fought over increasingly scarce resources.

Check out the whole story here - it's well worth the read!


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