Transport Revolutions for the Trucking Industry

by: EJ on 06/30/2010
Posted in: Renewable Energy

Anthony Perl, co-author with Richard Gilbert of Transport Revolutions: Moving People and Freight Without Oil, recently debated Rich Moskowitz, of the American Trucking Association on the CNBC show "Street Signs". Interviewer Erin Burnett reports that the CEO's of both DHL America and FedEx have been recently interviewed on her show and stated that less than 5% of their fleet use alternative energy. She wants to know, "What are two things we can do right now to start moving in the direction of renewable energy in trucking?" Anthony recommends electric powered trucks for local distribution within a 100 mile radius of major metropolitan cities as the place to start. You can view the entire interview here.

As usual, it is the economic feasibility argument that takes the fore. When asked if he thinks America really has the will to get off of oil, Anthony Perl calmly replies, "They will have to in a short period of time so I am expecting there will be some big changes coming."

To find out more about what those changes might be, read Transport Revolutions:

Transport Revolutions


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