Winter Harvest Cookbook Celebration Potluck

by: EJ on 11/26/2010
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Twice a year, the staff at New Society gathers for what we call our “covers meeting”. This is when the editorial committee presents the books for the upcoming season. Our cover designer collects her courage and hops on a seaplane and we all have a great time brainstorming cover ideas and possible changes to titles and subtitles. It is always one of my favourite times. Being in marketing, I am usually up to my eyeballs with the launch of the current season's books and have, at this point, only a small inkling of what will be coming up two seasons ahead.

After each meeting, we always gather for lunch. Potluck is our favourite because no matter how good the caterer, no one seems to cook up a better feed than the combined skills of NPSers! This year we were inspired to select our recipes from our recent publication, Lane Morgan's Winter Harvest Cookbook: How to select and prepare fresh seasonal produce all winter long. For the entire growing season we have been swapping our garden stories and our produce, so what better way to top it all off than by getting together and eating it! It turned out that some of us were more purist in the local food approach than others.

As the day approached, emails were flying back and forth as everyone chimed in with their recipe selection. I chose Turnip Salad. I have a nice selection of locally grown turnips in my shed, it looked easy to prepare and I had all the ingredients for the marinade. What I didn't anticipate was the lukewarm reaction I would receive. Ginny paused by my desk and asked in her most tactful way, "Um, do you really think that turnip salad will be tasty?" Tasty? It hadn't occurred to me that I should have added tasty to my list of criteria for recipe selection.

It was with some trepidation that I turned up, turnip salad in hand (okay, pun intended!) but Lane did not let me down. Despite an alarming resemblance to frozen french fries, turnip salad turned out to be quite delicious. The presentation suffered a little from lack of colour. A post-potluck debrief over the photos decided that a red bowl and little parsley garnish would have been a good idea.

Other dishes included: spinach salad, italian sausage with carrots, cabbage and fennel, spiced lentils with collard greens and hazelnut roca. One thing we noticed with Winter Harvest recipe names is that what you see is what you get. The names accurately reflect the ingredients. We have put the photos of our luncheon up on our Facebook page. Have a look and let us know your favourites.

Winter Harvest Cookbook has been selling very well so I expect at least some of our readers must have a copy already. What is your favourite recipe? Have you tried out the turnip salad? How was it received by your family and friends? Let us know in the comment section below.

Winter Harvest Cookbook


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