Elizabeth May Makes History!

by: EJ on 05/06/2011

Elizabeth May, Leader of the Canadian Green Party, made history by becoming the first Green to be elected to parliament in North America.  Her riding, Saanich-Gulf Islands, is located just to the east of the City of Victoria on Vancouver Island BC and just south of Gabriola Island, home to New Society Publishers.  May picked the Saanich-Gulf riding as her new home after being twice unsuccessful in federal elections in other provinces.

Earlier in the campaign,  May dismissed the suggestion that the demographics of this rural and suburban riding - older, affluent and settled - painted it Tory blue. “Someone told me, ‘You don’t understand, that riding is full of retired oil company executives from Alberta,’” she said in a recent interview. She paused and smiled: “Well, one of them is one of my volunteers on Saltspring Island.”

In May's own words, she ran a very non-partisan and cooperative campaign.  May has the gift bringing people together from seemingly disparate backgrounds and if she is going to move forward the pledge she made on election night, she will need it.  May says, "Canadians deserve a government where 308 MP's figure out how to work together.  We are 308 MP's and we are elected to serve the people of Canada. The Green Party achieved our goal for 2011. We now sit in Parliament, and we can no longer be denied our place in any aspect of Canadian democracy. On this foundation we will build and we will show Canadians there is a real alternative to the old parties. The Green Party will continue to grow, addressing the critical issues the other parties ignore.”

You can watch her entire election victory speech here.

Find out more about Canada's Green party at greenparty.ca

And that is all I have to say about the Canadian election!  Glad to back on the blog!


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