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by: EJ on 09/21/2011

Melissa Everett, author of Making a Living While Making a Difference: Conscious Careers in an Era of Interdependence knows what it takes to get a great green job.  In her recent article, posted September 21st on The Daily Green, she explains how Obama's job plan will provide opportunities for green job seekers. 


"For job seekers and communities alike, there's more potential than we may realize. It comes into view when we look at the two specific areas of investment that the President called for: fixing up schools and infrastructure.

Green schools are growing in popularity because they are high-performance schools. They are resource-efficient, with healthy indoor environments. They attract good teachers and enhance student performance. Global Green USA estimates that in Los Angeles alone, building 34 new green schools will reduce 94,000 tons of carbon dioxide. That's the equivalent of eliminating more than 15,000 cars from the road every year or planting more than 280,000 trees!

Suppose all 35,000 schools targeted by the President are upgraded. That's an average of 700 per state receiving repairs big and small. That won't fund an army but it will fund quite a few battalions of contractors and suppliers. How likely is it that many of them will be green? If a school system's leaders are well educated about the benefits of green practices school upgrades are likely to create jobs in some shade of green."

And is what is the best way to find these jobs and get hired?

"The trick is to sell the benefits of green approaches while marketing yourself as a problem-solver who can make innovation practical. Opportunities will go to those who can sell their skill sets as implementers first, with the added value of green expertise."

You can read Melissa's entire post at The Daily Green. Melissa will be hosting a discussion on our book club from September 21 to October 12th.  Please join her there to ask your green job question and to share tips with other readers about to how to find work in the new green economy. 


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