The Empowerment Manual - Required Reading for Occupied Times

by: Heather on 10/27/2011
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Being an oracle is a tough job, but the publishing cycle demands it. Publishers have to understand not just what information and inspiration our readers need now, but what they will be hungering for almost a year down the road. It takes many months for the seed of an idea to come to fruition. During these months, much can change, so we pride ourselves on how often the books we release are timely and ahead of the curve. Even so, sometimes we surprise ourselves.

It was probably at least a year ago when Starhawk shared with us her plans for The Empowerment Manual. Starhawk has an incredible history of working with activists of many different stripes.Designed as a guide for collaborative groups, her new book struck us as an invaluable tool for the transition town movement and the many other groups working towards resilience and social change who form such an integral part of our audience. We reasoned that in the months and years to come, Starhawk's wisdom around group process, dynamics and effectiveness would be indispensable to the ever-expanding number of voluntary organizations springing up with a commitment to improve their communities and their world. So we were thrilled by the opportunity to partner with her in this important work, predicting that over time it would establish itself as a fundamental resource for collaborative groups.

What we didn't predict, was that The Empowerment Manual would hit the streets almost simultaneously with the Occupy Wall Street protesters and the hundreds, even thousands of other Occupy groups which have sprung up throughout North America and around the world. Nor did we predict that the Occupy Movement's model of consensus, arrived at through daily General Assemblies, would almost perfectly epitomize the leaderless groups of equals for whom Starhawk's book is written. The Empowerment Manual is proving to be truly a book for our times.

If you are a member of an Occupy group, or know someone who is, or if you are involved in any other collaborative group working for social change, we invite you to check out this excerpt from the book. We hope it helps you, inspires you, or makes you want to see more! Please let us know what you think in the comments below.



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