Who Cares About the Forest?

by: Heather on 04/28/2011

Franke James, author of Bothered by My Green Conscience is at it again - this time with  a topic near and dear to our heart - the use of environmentally responsible paper and other forest products. Since 2001, New Society has published all of our titles on acid-free paper that is FSC-certified, 100% old growth forest-free (100% post-consumer recycled), processed chlorine free, and printed with vegetable based, low VOC inks. We were the first North American publisher to make this commitment, and we have printed over half a million books this way, helping start a revolution in the publishing industry. In her latest essay and accompanying video, Franke explores the role the Forest Stewardship Council plays in ensuring that certified wood and paper products meet stringent international standards, contributing to ensuring the continued health of both our living forests and the communities that rely on them. Check it out!


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