Rob Sanders Named Publisher of New Society Publishers

by: EJ on 01/25/2011
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Scott McIntyre, Chairman of D&M Publishers Inc. (D&M), announced today that Rob Sanders takes on the role of Publisher of the Gabriola Island-based imprint New Society Publishers, effective March 1, 2011. In 2008, D&M Publishers Inc. purchased New Society Publishers from Chris and Judith Plant, who spearheaded the company for 21 years to create a groundbreaking list of books about building an ecologically sustainable and just society.


Of the move, Sanders says,


I am proud to have the opportunity to be part of such a wonderfully committed publishing program and to work with an incredible team of people who believe deeply in what they do and the books they publish. And I’m fortunate to have tremendous support at Greystone Books and D&M Publishers, which makes taking on this additional responsibility possible.


A Vice President of D&M Publishers, Rob Sanders continues as Publisher of Greystone Books (also an imprint of D&M Publishers) and is the US Publisher of all three imprints. Greystone produces a line of books that share the environmental and sustainability spirit of the New Society Publishers' list.


Judith and Chris Plant say,


We’re extremely proud of what New Society Publishers has been able to achieve over the past two decades. New Society Publishers has been among a very small but effective group who have brought sustainability issues into the mainstream at a time when it is crucial for the future of humankind that they be taken seriously and acted upon urgently.


But, for many reasons, it’s time for us to move on as publishers. Having Rob Sanders take over responsibility for the future of the company is welcome news indeed, since he has a strong appreciation for the value of our list, as well as a personality that can’t resist a challenge! Furthermore, he has the trust of our amazing staff who will continue to run the company, but with the added bonus of Rob’s considerable experience of publishing and his warm manner and people skills.


We see this development as a vital steppingstone for the next phase of New Society Publishers' evolution, an evolution that has always been unusual but full of promise.


Chris and Judith Plant will remain active on the editorial acquisition team.


Based in Vancouver and outward looking in its publishing programs, D&M Publishers Inc. is one of the largest independent publishers in Canada. It includes the publishing imprints Douglas & McIntyre Publishers), Greystone Books and New Society Publishers, plus Canadian distribution for New York’s Farrar, Straus & Giroux.


For over thirty years, New Society Publishers has been publishing books that contribute in fundamental ways to building an ecologically sustainable and just society. Judith Plant and Christopher Plant led the company from Gabriola Island since the 1990s.


Greystone Books has been publishing textual and illustrated books of the highest quality since 1993. With publisher Rob Sanders at the helm, the company has become a leading creator of books about nature, science and the environment, travel books—including guidebooks—and books about sports and current issues.


Exciting times here at New Society Publishers! Keep your eye on the blog for more information about our new Publisher.


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