Franke James Asks Prime Minister Harper, "What are you afraid of?"

by: EJ on 05/29/2012
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In a new visual essay, the irrepressible Franke James, author of Bothered by My Green Conscience:How an SUV-driving, imported-strawberry-eating urban dweller can go green, recounts her visit to Joe Oliver, her MP and also the Minister of Natural Resources.  With her keen eye for the absurd and her razor sharp wit, James quickly picks up on the irony of a Minister for Natural Resources who claims to rely on independent scientific analysis for decision-making.  You can see her entire essay on her website.



While at the same time, muzzling the very same scientists....



In a call to action at the end of her essay, Franke James has written an e-mail for people to forward to their MP's.  It says, in part, 

"I am writing to you because I am afraid of the Harper Government's plans to build the Northern Gateway pipeline straight through the Rocky Mountains. And the Great Bear Rainforest -- all to facilitate the expansion and export of tar sands oil, which Environment Canada identifies as our "fastest growing source of greenhouse gas emissions."

With all the changes that Harper is making...

  •  Gutting the fisheries act
  •  Trashing the environmental assessment act
  •  Overruling the National Energy Board
  •  Barring environmental groups from hearings
  •  Barring Canadian citizens from hearings (unless they live or work in the area)
  •  Speeding up environmental reviews
  •  Slashing Environment Canada's budget
  •  Silencing the Scientists (and anyone who disagrees with the Harper Government)
  •  Lifting the 40 year ban on tankers on B.C.'s coast

... We could be hit with some major environmental catastrophes.

Don't look the other way! Please vote 'against' the Budget Bill-C38.
 In less than two weeks you will have an opportunity to make a historic decision. You will be voting on the Budget Bill-C38. If it passes it will undo decades of environmental law and give the oil industry free rein to build pipelines and expand the oil sands, largely without input or double-checks from environmental scientists, environmental advocates or public participation -- from people like you and me. Bill C-38 is a dangerous bill that will change the face of Canada.

Canada's environmental international standing will be dragged further through the proverbial mud as the federal government invites the oil industry to treat the natural environment in a manner similar to standards applied in developing nations to foster economic growth.

Tell the oil industry and the Harper Government that doing business in Canada must include protecting our air, land, water, wildlife and people from oil pollution.

Please stand up for Canada.
 Say no to irresponsible resource development.
 Keep our country beautiful from sea to shining sea.
 Vote 'against' the Budget Bill-C38.

To send a letter to your MP today, click here.




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