It’s the end of the world as we know it…or is it?

by: Sara on 11/28/2012
Posted in: Activism

With the turn of the Mayan calendar fast approaching there is much speculation about what this means for humankind and the planet we inhabit. Theories range from this being the end of the world (and if this is the case, well, there isn’t much to prepare for…keep your loved ones close and throw a party) to radically disrupted climate and polarity, causing much destruction…or at least an interruption in the use of electronic devices.

More hopefully, it may signal a shift in consciousness; the term “Apocalypse” actually means “lifting of the veil” or “revelation.”  Best-case scenario sees us headed into a collective turn away from the destructive path humans have been hell bent on following, towards a new, enlightened and caring species.

Whatever the outcome, John Ivanko suggests, what about offering readers tips for preparing? And we thought, well who better to help people prepare than New Society Publishers’ authors? Thanks, John, for a great idea!

In the spirit of Wendy Brown’s excellent book, Surviving the Apocalypse in the Suburbs, we’d like to post 21 days of blogs outlining how people can prepare for an unknown crisis that may leave them without access to food, water, shelter, power, or medical aid. This will include anything from how to create a first aid kit, how to cook a great meal on your woodstove or solar oven, foods to forage for, how to poo in the woods, even advice on how to stay calm in a crisis situation. And although these sound like serious situations, we are not adverse to lightheartedness; a little laughter in the face of adversity may well be another way to prepare!

Our intention is not to create fear nor mock anyone’s belief system, but to use the occasion to offer some basic “life skills” to people. Because even if nothing happens on December 21, with natural disasters and climate-related wild weather, not to mention economic and social collapse at the door, these are tools that belong in everyone’s kit as we continue to learn the critical importance of resilience and adaptation.  And if we are at all successful people will stop viewing them as simply survival skills and see them as life skills.

So we hope you will embark on this journey with us as we explore the various ways we can prepare for the unknown. And in the spirit of staying calm in a crisis situation, well a fitting song can do more to quash fears and raise spirits than any pill a doctor could prescribe. Don't panic. Just press play (...while you still can).


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