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by: EJ on 05/25/2012
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Today's post comes to us courtesy of Jennifer Neutel from Axiom News.  It originally appeared on Alberta Community and Cooperative Association's website on May 22nd and is reprinted here with permission. 

People interested in a new social economy and co-operatives have the opportunity to learn from Mike Lewis at events May 29 and 30 in Calgary.

Mike is co-author of The Resilience Imperative: Co-operative Transitions to a Steady-State Economy, being published in June. The book argues that climate change and escalating energy prices are causing the need for reinventing our economic life on a much more local and regional basis.

Mike Lewis pictured in his "outdoor office" - an alley behind his home where he spent time writing The Resilience Imperative. Photo: Donna Sheh

In celebration of 2012 being the UN-declared International Year of Co-operatives, a book launch and co-operative event is taking place May 29 at the John Dutton Theatre in the Calgary Public Library. The event is free and open to the public, hosted by Thrive: Calgary’s Community Economic Development Network and presented by First Calgary Financial. First Calgary Financial’s director of corporate citizenship, Dani DeBoice, says the book launch is a way to take a lens to co-operative approaches for a new economy.

“It’s one effort and one specific vehicle where we are able to help, through an event, bring a broader awareness to the role of co-operatives, the role that we play in the economy and the role that we can continue in a new economy that’s more driven around those co-operative approaches,” says Dani.

She hopes the “co-op curious” will be among those who attend. Mike will discuss the book and a co-op meet and mingle will provide information about Calgary co-operatives. Dani says she looks forward to the opportunity to celebrate the role of co-ops in the economy and highlight the value and diversity of co-op businesses in the community. Mike, executive director of the Canadian Centre for Community Renewal, says he started writing the book more than three years ago. He says attendees will learn the big picture context and get introduced to innovations “many people would have never imagined or heard of.”

“Unless one can introduce people to seeing the world differently and developing a different peripheral vision we’re not going to get to solutions, so that’s a key part of this work going forward from the book,” says Mike. People need to connect the dots in real terms between social, ecological and economic change, he says.

The May 30 morning event entitled Co-operatives: Case Studies in Resilience and Sustainability is designed for people to learn more about the co-op sector with case study presentations, small group brainstorming and reflections on financing. Dani anticipates the co-op workshop will be attended by people directly involved or interested in co-operatives or exploring the model for a business venture. Mike says he will be introducing finance innovations relevant to financing co-operative enterprises and other mechanisms for mobilizing capital on a co-operative basis. He notes there are things happening in Alberta using an alternative way of mobilizing that are picking up steam. Tools that people can work with and potentially mobilize through credit unions will be presented. Mike adds he hopes the event will spur some of the innovation already rumbling in the Alberta Community and Co-operative Association with their work co-ordinating the Unleashing Local Capital initiative, which is empowering local communities to form community investment funds.

Follow the links below to register for the events:
 Minding Our Own Business: Cooperative Approaches to a New Economy

Co-operatives: Case Studies in Resilience and Sustainability




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