Mobilizing the Green Imagination Launched with Beautiful New Website

by: EJ on 04/16/2012
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Anthony Weston, author of Mobilizing the Green Imagination: An Exuberant Manifesto and How to Re-Imagine the World: A Pocket Guide For Practical Visionaries is no stranger to creative ideas.  A professor of Philosophy and Environmental Studies at Elon University in North Carolina, he teaches Ethics, Environmental Studies, and "Millennial Imagination".  He has been named Elon Teacher of the Year and Scholar of the Year.

With the launch of his latest book, Mobilizing the Green Imagination, Anthony wanted a website that would not only showcase his book but would inspire and motivate his readers with beautiful images.  In partnership with Molly Schriber, he has created a website that transports you beyond the everyday to magical woodlands and underwater worlds where humans converse with dolphins. Visit to see for yourself.

Mobilizing the Green Imagination leapfrogs today’s desperate attempts to “green” the status quo.  Anthony invites us to radically remake environmentalism from the inside out. The perfect antidote to pessimistic “gloom and doom” scenarios, this book opens up ways to transform our cities, our stuff, our experience, and even our sense of our place in the cosmos, in inventive new directions.

On the "Visions" page of the new website, Anthony encourages us to think not only about "what after" - after stuff, after cars, after dikes but also about "what next" for nature, animals, belonging and the cosmos.

A WORLD THAT KNOWS ITSELF to be in interchange with the cosmos, and its life-forms to be possibly even kin across "space". Its sciences, consequently, tuned to everything from "shadow" microbial biospheres to planet-scale organismic systems; its cultures newly open to the astonishing difference of our terrestrial co-travelers, right here. And out at imaginations farthest edge, a world beginning to get ready to venture beyond the home planet in the same spirit.

Anthony's postcards from beyond the leading edge of today’s green thinking are bold, audacious, extravagantly hopeful and profoundly inspiring – the perfect antidote to the despair brought on by too many “doom and gloom” scenarios. Nothing less than a complete reinvention of contemporary environmentalism, Mobilizing the Green Imagination belongs in the back pocket of anyone who dares to dream of a brighter future and a better world.

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