The Begining of the Gaian Calendar

by: EJ on 12/05/2012
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Albert Bates, who wrote Monday's preparedness post, has just been awarded The Gaia Award, 2012 from Danish foundation, Gaia Trust. Gaia Trust is a charitable entity supporting sustainability projects around the world including Global Ecovillage Network and Gaia Education. 

Congratulations Albert!  In today's press release announcing the award winners, Gaia Trust co-founder Hildur Jackson introduces the idea of the Gaian age.  She sees the end of the Mayan calendar coinciding with the start of the Gaian calendar - the beginning of a new, ecocentric era.

For setting his own life at stake and using "incredible imagination and courage by creating ecovillages and networks between them and collecting their experiences in new educational programs," the Danish foundation Gaia Trust has awarded Albert Bates its Gaia 2012 Award.
 In announcing the award today in Denmark, the Trust's co-founder Hildur Jackson said,

"For us it has been a very special year, the famous year of 2012, the apocalyptic year, the End of Times - when the Mayan calendar comes to an end. There have been a great many prophesies about this year. It has been looming on the horizon as something rather dreadful for the last 40 years - something so far in the future that we could hardly imagine living and experiencing it. Even the Danish National TV has a full program in the new concert hall on Dec 21, waiting for the apocalypse.

"What is happening is, of course, the end of one calendar and the beginning of a new. Let us think of this as the beginning of a new era-the Gaian Age with the Gaian Calendar, when a new global sustainable culture will be born, a new beginning for humankind. It will be the beginning of a new consciousness, a consciousness of oneness where we are at one with nature, each other and the cosmos. It will be a time where the planet and all the inhabitants of Mother Earth will finally understand our common responsibility to live within global boundaries and to change our philosophy, thinking, lifestyle, social organization, ecology, culture and politics.

"A few people all over the world perceived the problems correctly many years ago and set out to build communities based on a worldview of oneness and with the vision of a double transformation of self and society. They represented magnificent great experiments for a new lifestyle. Since 1995 they have built global networks of ecovillages (GEN or Global Ecovillage Network) all over the world.

"Albert Bates has been Director of the Global Village Institute for Appropriate Technology since 1984 and the Ecovillage Training Center at The Farm in Tennessee since 1994, where he has taught sustainable design, natural building, Permaculture and restoration ecology to students from more than 50 nations, and is also a former chair of GEN. For years he has been building ecovillage networks in North and South America. At the Cop 15 in Copenhagen he sent out 500 photos as part of a daily blog about progress or lack of it. He has a brilliant mind capable of getting to the real heart of every issue, always focusing on solutions. He was one of the first to write about climate problems 30 years ago. His latest book is The Biochar Solution: Carbon Farming and Climate Change, a very important and interesting topic to get CO2 into the ground."

In acknowledging the award, Albert Bates said, "I accept this not for myself but for all the brave souls in villages around the world, rich and poor, urban and rural, old and young, who get up each morning with a fresh outlook on life, and make our world a little better."

Other recipients of the award include Declan Kennedy, Germany; Max Lindegger, Australia; Kosha Joubert, South Africa; and May East, Brazil.


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