Two Friday Videos for a Long Weekend

by: EJ on 06/29/2012
Posted in: Sustainable Living

July 1st is Canada Day and we are getting ready to celebrate our first long weekend of summer.  I thought I would post two videos for you to enjoy while we are on our break.

The first, Hablando en plata comes from Producciones Varadas.  Yesterday, I read the advance proof for Sharon Astyk's Making Home: Adapting Our Homes and Our Lives to Settle in Place.  As usual with Sharon's writing, I just couldn't put it down.  Sharon Astyk is a writer, teacher, blogger and farmer whose family uses 80% less energy and resources than the average American household.  In Making Home, she explains why and how she manages to do this.  It is the perfect book to address the angst so many people feel right now.  How can I prepare for a future that is so uncertain?  Where should I live?  How will I feed my family if I lose my job?  What should I do with my money?

The difference that Sharon brings to the discussion is that she is also a director for the Association for the Study of Peak Oil USA, so as well as telling you how to hang your clothes on the line and how to make chick pea stew, she gives an excellent critique of our present economic situation.  Although the women in the video are in Spain, I could easily see them as characters or neighbors from Sharon's Making Home.  Stay tuned next week to find out how you can win a scholorship sponsored by New Society Publishers to enroll in Sharon's "Adapting in Place" online course beginning July 4th.

And how could I let Canada Day pass without re-posting the satirical cartoon from Dan Murphy which was said to be yanked from the BC newspaper The Province website but continues to be well circulated.  According to the CBC news article posted June 26th, Dan Murphy was given a blunt message by Vancouver Province editor Wayne Moriarity.

"'If it doesn't come down, Enbridge says they're pulling a million dollars worth of advertising from Postmedia, and if it doesn't come down, I, Wayne Moriarty, I'm going to lose my job,’” Murphy said Moriarity told him.

Here's to the internet and freedom of speech.  Happy Canada Day everyone.


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