Happy Canada Day!

by: EJ on 06/28/2013
Posted in: Activism

This morning I reflected once again on what it must be like to grow up not respecting the head of your government.  Trudeau was Prime Minister while I was growing up and learning about the governmental process. Not everyone agreed with Trudeau, but for the most part, he was respected. What gave me cause to reflect was a conversation that was overheard by my son.  I was telling my mom how President Obama stated he has a "moral obligation" to take action on climate change.  My son said, "That's because President Obama has  morals," implying that the leader of our country does not. I can relate.  It is hard to be proud of a government that supports the tar sandsmuzzles scientists and shames us at international climate change meetings.

So, undertaking to write a Happy Canada Day blog, I thought I would see if there is anything left of the Canada that I was so proud of when I was the same age as my son.  Here is what I found...

Hey!  The senate really does work.  Cracks in the Harper Fortress Start to Spread

We have simply the best, tech savvy, singing astronaut ever (and The Bare Naked Ladies aren't too shabby either!).


Canadian kids are just as amazing, or more so, then when I was one. We Inspire the Change

We have a goal of protecting all our major ecosystems within the National Parks System.

We're good at saying "Sorry" (that should come in handy for PM Harper down the road).


Our First Nations invite all people to join in a peaceful revolution to honour Indigenous sovereignty and to protect the land & water.

I guess my list probably tells you more about me than Canada, but just this little snapshot shows that we are a great nation.

Happy Canada Day everyone.  Our Prime Minister does not define Canada, we do. 


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