Purchase Extreme Weather Hits Home and we will Donate 30% of the Sale to the Red Cross

by: Sara on 11/26/2013
Posted in: Climate Change

With the recent devastating typhoon that left parts of the Philippines in ruins, 16 tornadoes striking Illinois and northwest Indiana in just one day, a cyclone hitting the Mediterranean island of Sardinia, and countless other examples, many people are making the connection between extreme weather and climate change.

These catastrophic weather events are leaving many people homeless, and with the prospect that these weather patterns are not going to blow over anytime soon, people need to look at building with climate change in mind. Violent weather events like floods, tornadoes, ice storms and hurricanes only tell part of the story. Climate change is frequently more subtle, but its effects on our homes and properties can still be devastating.

To help those affected by extreme weather pick up the pieces New Society Publishers will donate 30% of the proceeds from each sale of the book Extreme Weather Hits Home, Protecting Your Buildings from Climate Change ordered on our website, to the Red Cross until January 1, 2014.  In turn we hope the information in the book may help you and your loved ones protect your home from the future effects of climate change.


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