Raising Goats Naturally - The Complete Guide to Milk, Meat and More

by: EJ on 09/16/2013
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It's here!  Deborah Niemann's latest book, Raising Goats Naturally: The Complete Guide to Milk, Meat and More is hot off the press. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to raising goats (or any livestock for that matter), but by working with nature, you can raise happy, healthy dairy goats and produce your own milk, cheese, meat, fertilizer, leather, fiber and soap -- all without relying on drugs or following the factory-farm model. 

Goats are experiencing a rise in popularity for homesteaders.  Deborah says this is because "They are smaller and easier to handle, eat less, poop less, require less space to raise and produce a more manageable supply of milk.  All dairy animals are herd animals but adding an extra goat to your herd is not quite as big an undertaking as adding one more cow."  This being said, it does not mean you can just bring a goat home and let them run free in the pasture.  Goats have specific needs and Raising Goats Naturally is the perfect guide to help you understand and meet these.

Raising Goats Naturally covers everything from

  • breed-specific descriptions to help you choose the right goats for your goals and lifestyle
  • detailed information on housing, fencing, breeding, health, milking, and nutrition to,
  • complete recipes and instructions for making your own cheese, dairy products, and soap, as well as cooking with goat meat.

Early reviewers are delighted with Raising Goats Naturally.

It is hard to find a book that offers factual information along with personal opinions—this book does exactly that with grace.  From decisions on selecting the goat for your needs, to selections in breeding, birthing and beyond this book has all the information needed.  Great references are made to sources for additional information.  Recipes and anecdotes are also included.  Beginning goat owners will not be overwhelmed and veteran owners will still have plenty to read and enjoy! -- Lynda Smock

Very detailed with personal stories. Excellent concise info from someone who clearly has experience, not just reading.--Jan Hoadley

If you have goats but feel you need more instruction, or if you are just considering owning goats, I’d say this is the ONE book you need to buy. I highly recommend it.--Kristi Gilleland,  Wire Splice

Raising Goats Naturally is fully illustrated with excellent how-to photos.  This video gives you an idea of the level of detail available to the reader.


Deborah also includes information on butchering and eating goats.  She talks about how it the transition she and her husband made from a vegetarian diet for 14 years, to eating only meat produced on their own farm.  "I sleep better at night knowing that the animals producing my food have names rather then ID number, and are loved and respected."

Raising Goats Naturally brings together a wealth of practical information on raising goats for the love of it and using their milk and meat to become more self-reliant.



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