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by: Sara on 12/04/2013
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The Prince Rupert Environmental Society along with Saveourskeenasalmon.org have brought together over 100 volunteers to create the book The Salmon Recipes, Stories of our North Coast Cuisine. The Salmon Recipes invites you to a sumptuous, visual feast drawn from the culinary practices and rich experience of the people of the North Coast, woven into a stunning full-color photographic essay. Mouthwatering recipes showcasing both time-honored and modern artisanal food skills share the page with an eclectic tapestry of captivating voices featuring such luminaries as Susan Musgrave and Robert Davidson. Profits from The Salmon Recipes will go towards ensuring that British Columbia's coastal waters remain tanker-free.

Today the Prince Rupert Environmental Society along with Saveourskeenasalmon.org launched a grassroots ad campaign to continue to heighten the public's awareness of the danger an oil spill in BC's Coastal Waters and they need your help. The information below originally appeared here.

On December 4th 2013, Save our Skeena Salmon launched a grassroots ad campaign with newspaper ads, hundreds of posters and social media.

-People from around the province are putting up posters which tell the story of the wildlife, culture and nutritious food which would be lost if we allow oil tankers to ply the North Coast.

-The beautiful photographs, used in the ads were donated by the iLCP and others.  See more sample posters below.

 If you want to put up posters contact us or download and print your own.

Funds from sales of our book “The Salmon Recipes” are being used to pay for the campaign. Help us spread the word and let your friends and family know about the book.

“We have a romance with the waters and the land………. We take what nature gives us, we take it home.  And we provide other people with the fish.” –Henry Clifton of the Gitga’at Nation, a commercial fisherman who contributed to The Salmon Recipes book.

Over 150 million kg of wild capture seafood comes from BC every year, providing healthy, nutrient-rich sustenance to millions of families. People need to understand that the economic, health and social benefits associated with BC’s fisheries cannot co-exist with an oil export industry.

An oil spill would devastate not just salmon, but also the people who make their living from BC’s coastal waters. Pipelines and tankers  would endanger 45,000 jobs in seafood and marine recreation – the backbone of local economies on the north and central coast.

We thank Ken McCormick who wrote and designed the ads, and the groups helping with this campaign:


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