World Water Day - Videos from Maude Barlow and Paul Manly

by: EJ on 03/22/2013
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Because today is World Water Day I decided to see what one of my favourite Canadians and water activists, Maude Barlow, is up to.  Much to my delight, I discovered she is promoting another of my favourite local activists, Paul Manly, on the Council of Canadians World Water Day events listings page.

Maude Barlow is National Chairperson of the Council of Canadians, and she has long been a heroine of mine.  The protection of water is one of her particular passions, and on World Water Day it seems only fit to let her speak for herself. This is a video of her talk at the Council of Canadians National Conference which was held in Nanaimo in November last year. She explains the impact the tars sands are having on the surface and groundwater in Alberta and potentially on the oceans if the Northern Gateway or Kinder Morgan pipelines should go ahead.


Nanaimo filmmaker, Paul Manly's documentary, Troubled Water, examines a variety of public drinking watersheds on Vancouver Island and some of the threats posed to them by industrial, commercial, agricultural and residential activity.  In addition to the threat of contamination and overuse of water, Maude Barlow is featured discussing the looming threat of privatization of water sources and infrastructure.



Troubled Water will be on Shaw Community TV in Campbell River today at 4:00 pm and will be screened along with Saving the Tsolum River  by another local filmmaker Ed Homer. The event will be at Stan Hagen Theatre, North Island College, Courtney on March 26th at the 7:00 pm.


If you want to know more about the issue of urban water pollution and are looking for ways to address it, Jerry Yudelson's Dry Run: Preventing the Next Urban Water Crisis is full of practical planning and construction ideas for urban water management and the protection of urban water sources.


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