Beautiful, Affordable, Accessible and Nontoxic – Earthen Floors

by: Alina on 05/08/2014

Thanks to the efficiency of modern industrial techniques, the sensual aesthetic, affordability and eco-friendliness of earthen floors have been largely ignored in “mainstream” building.

We’re betting that won’t be the case for much longer – hot off the press this month is a first of its kind: Earthen Floors: A Modern Approach to an Ancient Practice written earthen flooring experts, Sukita Reay Crimmel and James Thomson.

This complete step-by-step guide is the only one-stop-shop to learn how to make, install, and live with your own beautiful, envy-inducing earthen floors.

Whether you’re pro or a newcomer, this mix of techniques, instruction and lighthearted stories will have your toes resting on a natural, ancient craft before you know it.

Sukita Reay Crimmel discovered how to connect to human history through natural building at the University of Oregon’s architectural department. Taking this new found love, Sukita engaged with the natural building community for years before starting her contracting business, From These Hands, which specializes in earthen plasters, earthen floors, and many other earthen features. With a mission to further rekindle the connection to earthen floors, Sukita has developed a ready-mixed earthen floor blend along with oils and waxes, which she offers through her manufacturing company Claylin LLC.

Her collaborator and colleague, James Thomson, started to build naturally with an aim to preserve the land and build in a less destructive way. James has built earthen floors for the last 10 years, and has continued the tradition as a workshop facilitator with House Alive.

By working with such raw ingredients as sand, clay and fiber in a modern western context, Sukita and James have opened the door for us to reconnect with ancient practices, our homes, and the earth.


"With this book, Sukita and James can enjoy a well-earned seat in the Natural Building Renaissance Hall of Fame…a future historic structure that has yet to be built of clay, sand, straw, wood and stone. We feel certain that Earthen Floors: A Modern Approach to an Ancient Practice will quickly become the bible for earthen floor construction and the solid base upon which the next generation of earthen floor crafters will stand.”

Paula Baker-Laporte and Robert Laporte, from the Foreword





Sukita and James will be launching their new book at the Puyallup Mother Earth News Fair, May 31- June 1.  Visit New Society Publishers' booth for details.


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