Catch the Fire this New Year

by: EJ on 01/02/2014
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If your resolution for 2014 sounds something like "I will be more creative", or "I will bring energy and creativity to my work", or even "I will work with my community group to help people realize their full potential" then Catch the Fire:An Art-Full Guide to Unleashing the Creative Power of Youth, Adults and Communities by Peggy Taylor and Charlie Murphy is the book for you.  

Catch the Fire is a complete guide to using arts and empowerment techniques to bring greater vitality and depth to working with groups of youth or adults. Based on the premise that you don’t have to be a professional artist to use the arts in your work, this unique book invites group leaders into the realm of creativity-based facilitation, regardless of previous experience.Using the Creative Community Model, the authors include over 100 stimulating activities incorporating storytelling, theater, writing, visual arts, music, and movement to bridge gaps and unite people across generations and culture.

Peggy Taylor and Charlie Murphy are co-founders of PYE Global: Partners for Youth Empowerment, an organization dedicated to building creative, heart-centered learning communities with youth and adults from diverse cultures and socio-economic backgrounds. The following video explains the role of the social artist as a leader - helping others to live well in community and to make change. 


In 2013, PYE impacted over 200 000 youth around the world. In 2014 they hope to do even more.  You can join them by attending one of their upcoming training workshops or by purchasing their book here.


Taylor and Murphy's excellent book is a practical guide in how to use the arts for empowerment and community building, complete with innovative and easy-to-use tools and exercises so that you too can help your groups Catch the Fire.
---Robert Gass,  EdD, Co-Founder Rockwood Leadership Institute



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