Give the Most Delicious Gift of All on #GivingTuesday

by: EJ on 12/01/2014

Regular readers of this blog will know that salmon, aboriginal rights, democracy and our precious coast are things we hold dear. You may have read about the Alexandra Morton’s visit to Gabriola on her Get Out Migration blog, or about our office closure during #BlackoutSpeakout, or more recently, the wonderful book from the Prince Rupert Environmental Society The Salmon Recipes: Stories of Our Endangered North Coast Cuisine . New Society Publishers has been distributing this recipe book in the United States with profits going  towards ensuring that British Columbia's coastal waters remain tanker-free.

Today on #GivingTuesday we encourage you to join us. Visit Save Our Skeena Salmon to make a donation and purchase a copy of The Salmon Recipes. The Prince Rupert Environmental Society needs your help in their work to protect wild salmon; to bring together coastal and upriver groups, First Nations organizations, local sports fishermen, tourism businesses and many, many others.

Help spread the word outside the region, to all of BC, across Canada and internationally.

Ken McCormick of the Prince Rupert Environmental Society writes:

The Salmon Recipes is a cookbook with a recipe for conscious environmental change. It tells the story of how the salmon harvesting culture of British Columbia's North Coast is endangered by the plan to build a massive oil pipeline through our traditional salmon spawning grounds. It is the words of our people warning what will happen if even one supertanker full of tarsands oil breaks up on the rocks in our rough and treacherous waters.
But woven throughout the book is the story of hope. You will discover that our kitchen is built on rolling seas and rich shorelines, and our pantry is filled with what nature provides through the seasons. You can savor the step-by-step instruction of how our salmon is traditionally smoked, grilled and enjoyed with friends and family.
 And if you enjoy the delicious taste of wild salmon, you too can be part of the story.
This season, join with the people of the North Coast in celebration of our rich culture of food, Come share the spirit of a bountiful region that has supported the gathering and sharing of sea resources since the beginning of time.

When you place a copy of The Salmon Recipes under the tree this giving season, you are not only making a gift to help keep the salmon returning to their traditional streams yet another year-- you are also making a gift that will protect a people and culture who stand proud to live in harmony with their home.
We hope you will discover a delicious taste of that recipe in our book.

Buy a copy of The Salmon Recipes today for #GivingTuesday and help keep our coast wild and free.




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