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by: EJ on 07/24/2014
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Educating for Action: Strategies to Ignite Social Justice is hot off the press!  Co-editors Jason Del Gandio and Anthony J. Nocella II bring together a cross section of diverse activists whose combined experience in confronting injustice has generated a wealth of key insights for creating social change. This practical hands-on, how-to guide shares the voices of activists who have confronted painful injustice head on.  An engaging, practical handbook for new and seasoned activists alike, this unique organizing manifesto addresses everything from community organizing to direct democracy, conflict resolution, communication skills, leveraging social media and conference planning.

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Educating for Action consciously straddles the line between street activism and classroom instruction. Bridging the gap between these two worlds makes for an engaging and instructive manual for social justice, helping students, teachers, and larger activist communities turn their idealism into action!



Below are ten key insights that will help you on your way!

  • Activism begins with your personal choices—embody the values that reflect the world you desire.
  • Effective communication is essential—craft messages for specific audiences and to achieve specific goals.
  • Democratic participation should guide your action—try to be as inclusive as possible and strive for collective decision making.

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  • Conflict can be a transformative experience—learn how to approach differences as opportunities for personal growth and collective understanding.
  • Organize communities into political forces—understand the wants and needs of a community and facilitate the ability to act collectively.
  • Use a diversity of tactics and strategies—different goals demand different approaches, so be creative and adaptable.
  • Organize conferences for activism and social justice—bringing together like-minded people can create friendships and energize campaigns.
  • Use social media to builds networks and coalitions—technology is an ally in the fight for social justice.
  • Laws and lawyers can help your cause—many political victories are won through legislative means.
  • Approach education as a form of personal and political liberation—knowledge is power and education is often a precursor for action.

Creating a better world can often seem like an overwhelming task, and that is exactly why Educating for Action is an invaluable resource: it helps activists and organizers hone their skills in their fight for peace and justice.

Jason Del Gandio is a scholar-activist and Assistant Professor of Rhetoric and Public Advocacy at Temple University. He has facilitated numerous workshops for activists and organizers and regularly speaks and writes for both academic and public audiences.  He is the author of Rhetoric for Radicals: A Handbook for 21st Century Activists

Anthony J. Nocella II is a scholar-activist and Senior Fellow of the Dispute Resolution Institute at the Hamline Law School. He is a long-time intersectional activist focusing on anti-racism, youth justice, prison abolition, environmentalism, and disability and animal rights. He has published over fifty scholarly articles and book chapters and sixteen books.



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