How are you celebrating National Farmers Market Week 2014?

by: Alina on 07/31/2014

It goes without saying that we are always celebrating our local farmers and our local farmers markets. But with everything that farmers markets give us, they definitely deserve at least a week of national recognition and celebration.

We've paired up with Slow Food USA and Meatless Monday to bring you an amazing amount of information and an amazing amount of love to our farmers markets now and this coming week!


Nat'l Farmers Market Week2


On our blog in the upcoming week, you will find:

  • A delicious National Farmers Market Week /Meatless Monday recipe
  • Reasons why farmers markets are important (from people who know their stuff)
  • Our own top 3 reasons that farmers markets are so awesome
  • Professor Gary Kleppel's insights on writing the upcoming book The Emergent Agriculture: Farming, Sustainability and the Return of the Local Economy
  • What farmers markets have taught us
  • And why we love our own local farmers market on Gabriola Island.

And that’s only on our blog! Our partners in this celebration, Slow Food USA, are also covering this exciting week. In their last newsletter, Richard McCarthy, Slow Food’s Executive Director advised readers to:

  • Talk with the farmers: Thank your farmers. Take this week to thank them for their commitment to the land, for their labor, and for coming to market.
  • Have a Meatless Monday: “With countless tasty recipes and an interactive community, our friends at Meatless Monday make it easier than ever to give up meat one day a week, saving us money and cutting back on water and fossil fuels. Less meat on Mondays means you can have “better meat” (PDF) on other days.
  • Eat “ugly” fruits and vegetables:Imperfect fruits and veggies should not go to waste. When you see them at markets, purchase them for canning, roasting etc. If you don’t see them at market, inquire. Your farmer might not realize there is a demand for what chefs call “seconds.” Encourage “ugly” at your market.

And check out Slow Food USA’s new blog post by Gary Kleppel, in support of National Farmers Market Week: Farming, Sustainability and the Return of the local economy! 

“It is 77 degrees in the pasture where my sheep and their lambs are grazing contentedly on the…” (read more)


Special Offer One Week Only!


To celebrate National Farmers Market Week, New Society Publishers is offering a discount on The Emergent Agriculture: Farming Sustainability and the Return of the Local Economy, a conversation about the future of food. Written from the vantage point of farmer-ecologist Gary Kleppel, this collection of essays describes how industrial agriculture is being replaced by an emerging system of local production. The new paradigm celebrates craftsmanship and resiliency, and honors the growers who feed the soil and nourish the bonds between farmers and consumers. To access this special offer, click here and select Buy Now for either print or ebook.  At checkout, press the redeem button and enter coupon code FARMERSROCK to receive 20% off.

Read a full excerpt from the book.


Enjoy our journey through National Farmers Market Week and have your own celebration as well!


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