Making Better Buildings - Possibly the Most Valuable Natural Building Book Ever

by: EJ on 03/24/2014
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What kind of person builds a 1400 lb straw bale demonstration wall and then tours it across the wilds of Canada from coast to coast?  Only a person truly passionate about natural building techniques.  Chris Magwood is obsessed with making the best, most energy efficient, beautiful and inspiring buildings without wrecking the whole darn planet in the attempt. He is a founding director of The Endeavour Centre for Innovative Building and Living, where he brings this passion to life.

In 2002, Chris Magwood constructed a section of straw bale wall on wheels to help promote his first book, Straw Bale Details.  Many people had not heard of straw bale construction.  Those that had were skeptical.  Anyone who had read the three little pigs knew that straw bale buildings were a mistake.  Chris wanted to show the benefits of straw bale construction in a way that was tangible and hands on.   It worked. 

Chris Magwood has gone on to design and built some of the most innovative, sustainable buildings in North America, including the first off-grid, straw bale home in Ontario which became a fifteen-year research project into the implementation of sustainable building materials and technologies. Since 2002, he has continued to build and create as the founder of the Endeavour Centre for Innovative Building and Living

Education has always been central to Chris’s mission.  He has now released his latest book, Making Better Buildings: A Comparative Guide to Sustainable Construction for Homeowners and Contractor. Making Better Buildings systematically describes the real-world implications of the most popular green and natural building materials and techniques, objectively presenting the pros, cons and overall viability of each. From prefab straw bale walls to hempcrete, Chris covers it all in Making Better Buildings

Author/builder Dan Chiras says Making Better Buildings is “quite possibly the most valuable book ever published on green building.”

Find out more about Chris Magwood and Making Better Buildings  here. 



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