New Society Staff & Publishers at Mother Earth News Fair!

by: Alina on 06/09/2014

New Society Publishers’ staff and authors came together at the Mother Earth News Fair this past weekend to celebrate ideas, collaboration and further connection.

For the fifth year in a row, Mother Earth News pulled off a great event, packed with informative and entertaining presentations on everything from renewable energy and organic gardening to sustainable agriculture and green home building. Twelve of our authors added their valuable expertise to the mix.

Amidst the inspiring discussions, attendees perused aisles of exhibitors, including the New Society Publishers booth, where 6 excited winners received 5 New Society books each!

Not only were the days filled with insightful presentations, muddy demonstrations and friendly book-signings, but the evenings brought opportunities to share great food around talk-filled tables. On the Saturday night, New Society Publishers was thrilled to be invited to the Mother Earth News Fair Farm to Table dinner, which was a fantastic opportunity to connect with our authors and many others who believe in creating new societies together.

We hope everyone had a good time! Not even the rocking, nausea-inducing boat across the waters could deter us from organizing similar get-togethers.


Want to know more about the quality, comprehensive presentations that the New Society authors gave? Keep reading!

Dan Chiras gave four presentations! These included insights into renewable energy, solar electricity, sustainable neighborhoods and how we’re doing in our fight against cola, nuclear and oil companies.

Sylvia Bernstein delivered her presentation to a packed audience, outlining the adventures of aquaponic gardening: growing fish and vegetables together.

The dirt on dirt floors came from Sukita Reay Crimmel and James Thomson who gave two presentations along with two complete earthen floor demos!

Cindy Conner explored how to grow a sustainable diet through comprehensive gardening plans, showing how to build the health of both you and your garden.

Learning how to design and manage solar greenhouses is easy with Darrell Frey telling you how. He gave two presentations on bioshelters and permaculture design.

In her presentation, Carol Peppe Hewitt unveiled how local communities have become slow money pioneers and are financing foodsheds  by keeping the critical importance of locally-grown food in mind.

In her two presentations, Victoria Redhead Miller shared her insights on raising off-grid poultry and distilling liquor at home to filled rooms.

After an evening of chemistry in his hotel washroom, Lyle Estill demonstrated how to make backyard biodiesel.

Organic eating can get pricey, but Lisa Kivirist showed attendees how to eat organic on a dime!

John Ivanko focused on reducing your footprint in his two presentations, from simplifying your life to powering your homestead with renewable energy.

Homegrown grain advocate Heather McLeod shared tales from communities revolutionizing local production of the food that moved us into modernization!


Can’t wait to see them all again!


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