Starhawk comes to Gabriola

by: EJ on 05/08/2014

Starhawk, highly acclaimed global justice activist and organizer, fosters connection, communication and collaboration in the May 14th workshop and ceremony: “The Magic of Co-creation: Building Power in Groups.”

The passion to take action can dwindle in the face of seemingly endless, unnecessarily problematic collaboration -- no matter the friends, allies or groups involved. And now more than ever, as people everywhere are coming together to create change, it’s important for each personality to work together, liberate imaginations and by doing so, change the world.

Harnessing the tools of magic, meditation, trance and ritual to explore issues of personal and social power in this daytime event, Starhawk delves into the creation of nurturing and healing group structures, dealing with difficult people, and embracing constructive conflict.

Stephen Levesque, Caylie Moyra, Pollen Heath and Lisa Butler Heath, creators of Watercliff Permaculture Farm, have organized this workshop “to gather like-minded individuals to explore how group collaboration functions,” said Levesque. “As a group, we recognize the challenges that inevitably come up when working together. This workshop offers direct mentorship to create a lasting, vibrant and dynamic” environment. Starhawk inspires “thousands to take a new and more ecologically driven approach to landscape, farm and urban design,” he said.

Starhawk’s latest book, The Empowerment Manual, A Guide for Collaborative Groups, published by New Society Publishers, fosters connections, positive power and clear communication in groups and within ourselves, by drawing on Starhawk’s four decades of experience in circles and collectives, and will be for sale at the workshop.

Starhawk has authored or coauthored twelve books. She is a revivalist of earth-based spirituality and Goddess religion, founder of Earth Activist Training, and a crucial, often catalyzing part of many movements.

Workshop: 675 North Road, Gabriola Island Commons, 1:30 – 4:40 followed by potluck, full-moon ceremony and spiral dance. Tickets available from Gabriola Artworks (250 247-7412). Sliding scale price: $15 -$50. For more information contact Steven Levesque, 


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