21 Days of #Gratitude

by: EJ on 11/25/2015

Andres Edwards, author of The Heart of Sustainability: Restoring Ecological Balance from the Inside Out, sent the following letter to participants in the 21 Day #Gratitude Glue Challenge.  He timed the challenge so that it would end just before American Thanksgiving. For those of you unable to participate, or who like me, had trouble keeping up, I have posted all 21 questions at the end of this message for further reflection over the holiday.


Thank you for being part of the #Gratitude Glue challenge. My intention as the organizer was to have us each go inward and appreciate all that we have in our lives and share that with others. I learned how slowing down and taking time to reflect and to give is the gift of a lifetime. I hope this challenge has been rewarding to you as well.
 A Quick Look Back
 Sixty-seven of us from seventeen countries came together in the spirit of growing in gratitude. Over these past weeks, you collectively honed an awareness of your gifts, cultivated a sense of abundance, and acknowledged unsung blessings. We learned afresh from each other, and own experiences, that each moment contains the potential for living in thanks. And that a grateful life is generative. May we never stray far from that insight. We also shared our thought and experiences through a live phone call. If you'd like to reflect deeper on your journey over these past 3 weeks, this reflection tool has helpful questions.
 In addition, KindSpring would love to hear your feedback and suggestions in this short survey. It will help them take things to another level as they continue to sprout seeds of gratitude and strengthen their base of 21-day challenges.
 What's Next?
 21 days of gratitude are behind you -- and yet this is only the beginning. :) There are many paths forward from here. Here are a few step-it-up opportunities:

  • Keep the Gratitude Growing! Turn your 21-day challenge into 42 by going through this challenge again. This time, focus on new activities that stretch you a little further. As psychologists say, "Use it or lose it." Flex your muscles by finding subtler and more creative ways to live each moment. To access our idea archives, visit your dashboard and click on this challenge's "Completed" link.
     Share the Goodness. Practice this challenge with another group in your life - perhaps your family or a group at work.
     Try A Different Challenge. Consider taking another one of KindSpring's 21-Day challenges focused on a different positive value or quality. Grow in mindfulness, kindness, eco-friendliness, and more!
     Focus On One Action. Build on your practice by focusing on 1 particular approach for 21 days (instead of a new idea every day) and share your reflections either in your group or online.

I look forward to staying connected with you through the KindSpring community, and hope you'll continue to share stories and reflections on your adventures in gratitude. In the US we are entering the Thanksgiving Holiday where we express our gratitude. May this holiday provide you with an opportunity to share your reflections with loved ones in the US and in other countries as well. 
 Be well and may we all spread our seeds of gratitude into the far corners of our lives.
 Your Gratitude Challenge Host


21 Day #Gratitude Glue Challenge Questions


1.    What Do You Have Enough Of?
2.    Who Do You Know That You Can Never Repay
3.    What Do You Take For Granted?
4.    What Inconvenience Are You Grateful For?
5.    What Is Your Most Precious Memory?
6.    Which Artist Lights Your World?
7.    How Have You Changed For The Better?
8.    What Do You Know That You Never Want To Forget?
9.    What Is The Greatest Compliment You've Received or Given?
10.  What's The Best Advice You've Received?
11.  What Made You Smile Today?
12.  What Is The Best Mistake You Ever Made?
13.  Who Inspires You To Be Your Best Self?
14.  When Has Nature Taken Your Breath Away?
15.  Who or What Who Or What Shaped Your Inner Compass?
16.  What Is The Most Cherished Gift You've Received?
17.  Who In Your Life Are You Under Appreciating?
18.  What Skill Do You Value Most In Yourself?
19.  What Can You Say Thank You For In This Very Moment?
20.  What Have You Lost and Learned From?
21.  If This Were Your Last Day, How Would You Spend It?




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